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    GOE LOGISTICS was founded in 2009---founder MR JERRYSHANG, established at the beginning of adhering to the needs of the majority of import and export enterprises, through team efforts, and gradually by a small freight forwarding business development to today's logistics group, mainly engaged in import and export of goods, Shipping, air transport, warehousing, customs and other integrated logistics companies, we are committed to, as always, serve the needs of all walks of life, efforts to GOE developed into a world famous brand logistics.


   CHARTER-FLY was founded in 2012. Due to the development needs of GOE, the company has invested in Hong Kong CHARTER-FLY, which is mainly engaged in trade, finance, through Hong Kong's leading global financial center, and trade center to help more guests enjoy share the fast, high-quality transport services, and the same time, help more guests to solve the problem of capital chain, so that reach to the real transport trade financial integration.


    CGY-CHAIN was established in 2017, due to the development of the Internet, the traditional logistics supply chain model has been unable to keep up with the pace of the times, so the platform for the development of the Internet is CGY company's main direction, in order to better facilitate the guests at home and abroad Query, the establishment of a public platform, more conducive to the transport and trade services, timeliness, coherence, popularity, through the CGY integration of GOE and CHARTER-FLY resources, through large data more effective service to the company's Development and strategic planning. Completed the last chain of lap, so that the company to a higher level forward.



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